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Our COVID-19 Changes

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

During this time of uncertainty, know that all of us here at Willowbrook Students are praying for you and working hard to stay connected with our students and families. We have moved much our ministry activity to online-based resources. Some of our content is created by us, while others are free and available to all our church members.

We use Zoom Video calls led by some of our leaders to help students stay encouraged and plugged in to their small groups. Find a zoom group today!

Created Content For Students:

Visit our YouTube Channel right here. Each Wednesday we'll post a Virtual Mid-Week Study from one of our Student Ministry Staff members. Please subscribe to the channel so you won't miss a post. It'll come with discussion questions for students and families.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (HSV Campus, Madison Campus). We'll post about our day, encouraging thoughts for students and ways God is moving during this challenging time.

Church-Wide Created Content:

The New Testament Challenge: To join the #NTChallenge and read through the New Testament with our entire church each day, please text "DEVO" to 256-242-5151. You'll get a short video every morning along with the day's scripture reading.

Other resources

RightNow Media is a huge library of Bible-based studies, kids programming and other great resources. All you need is an internet connection. To receive your FREE RightNow Media login, please text "Rightnow Willowbrook" to 41411.

Please let us know any ministry needs you may have by emailing us at

Thank you!

The Willowbrook Students Ministry Team

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