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The Goal of Biblical Parenting

As we look forward to our Parent Network Meeting on Sunday, April 7th at 6p (@ HSV Campus) and Wednesday, April 10th at 6:30p (@ MAD Campus), take a moment to review this article from The Gospel Coalition. Very insightful and encouraging for us parents.

What is your goal in parenting? Is it to have well-behaved kids? Is it to produce good citizens? Is it to make sure your kids get a great education so that they may do well in school and land a great money-making job and have a fulfilling career?

Perhaps you have a noble, Christian goal like seeing your children profess faith in Christ. What does the Bible teach us regarding the role of biblical parenting and its goal? Allow me to answer this question by first addressing two other related issues. Before we can even talk about the goal or purpose of biblical parenting, we must understand a specific pre-requisite.

The Pre-requisite of biblical parenting: The truths of God must first be on our hearts.

We cannot pass on to our children what is not first in our own hearts (Deut. 6:6). This means that moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, ALL of us must saturate ourselves in the Word of God. We must seek God and thirst after God as in a dry and weary land (Psalm 63:1). And where has God revealed Himself but in His Word? We must continually listen to and receive God’s instruction in His Word as illuminated by the Holy Spirit of God. When we stand firm in God and His Word, when we are saturated in the Word of God, when we are embracing His will, then we can share that with others; only then can we practice biblical parenting.

The Practice of biblical parenting: We must pass on what we know about God, His Word, His work, and His ways to the coming generations.

God has established His testimony; He has given us His word; and He has commanded that we teach these truths to our children (Psalm 78:5). As a matter of fact, we are to teach these truths to our children with great diligence, taking advantage of every opportunity the Lord grants us (Deut. 6:7).

Click below for the remainder of the article.

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